Leloo's Bada Bing Bada Bang "Korben Dallas" Von Ironheart

Registration ID: LS3002-4
Breed: F3 American Alsatian
Birth Date: Jan. 22, 2023
Sex: Male
Collar Color: Blue
Sire: Darla's "Ironheart" Von Tudor
Dam: Q-Leanna's "Leloo" Von Mulan
Litter: Ironheart X Leloo 2023


4/11/24 Today we made the decision that we will be keeping Korbin. He is too important to the breed with size and Bone structure. He will most likely be staying for quite some time, keep an eye out for some more of his puppies this year! So far, his breeding with matcha has resulted in very nice, large, thick boned puppies!

11/4/23 this big boy is very soft. He loves hugs, doesn't like a lot of commotion, doesn't mind if you've got a lot going on, but would rather watch then get involved immediately! He doesn't have a lot of exposure, and he will need to learn all of the things that go on in the big bad world! Next year he will be looking for his forever family. If you think you might be a great place for this boy, let me know!

He is available for adoption as soon as we know he has puppies due/on the ground.

3-2-2023 Embark Results - Schwarz Kennels - Kingsley Kennels

2-20-2023 Very aloof at this age. Doesn't mind people at this age, but could still do without them. Lots of socialization will be done with this boy once he has his shots. Solid pup.

2-15-2023 This boy would still much rather you leave him alone than to be bothered by much. He isn't much of a people person at this time and likes to watch. He is quick to find the food bowl, but not voracious in his eating. Rather he savors his food and then moves away when done. If his mother comes and finishes it because he is taking too long, he just moves on. He doesn't much like being touched yet either, so we are working on multiple times a day, lap therapy.

He loves the lap therapy, just doesn't want you to be a part of it! LOL He will get over this, as he is only 5 weeks on the 19th, but he is quite the character.

2-6-2023 Like his sister, very quiet. Nothing bothers him. His older half brothers climb all over him and he just rolls over and falls back to sleep.

1-31-2023: 8 days old. They stay in the group and in the center of the closet under the table. They have adjusted to the cold now and have learned to stay in a pile. They love their food teats and have their special ones. Dallas is a no nonsense male at this time. He must compete with his very fat and large new brothers General and Admiral. He pushes right through at this date. He likes his sister the best as she is more compliant. He doesn't mind the big guys laying on him as it keeps him warm. There is no crying and the world is a bed of daisies. Score at this date: 10

1-23-22 Born via C-section. Big boy, 1.5 lbs at birth. Moved to Lucy, as Leloo again had no milk. Dark coloring and appears to be a SILVER sable
Slow to come out of the birth trauma and drugs of the mother dog. Lucy accepted them when i thought she would not. Such a difference in feeding schedules/times but Lucy did what she needed to do. Amazing.

Brittany and Jeremiah

Health Record


Nemex II

2/6/2023, 2/20/2023


Duramune Max 5 3/6/2023, 3/21/2023, 4/7/2023


1/23/23 1.5 lbs

2/1/23 3.96 lbs

2/6/23 5.73 lbs

2/13/23 7.66 lbs

2/20/2023 10 lbs

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Leloo's Korben 5
Leloo's Korben 1
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Korben 2/13
Korben and Laguna 2/13/23
Korben Dallas 2/13/23
Korben and Laguna 2/13/2023
Korben 2/13/2023 1


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Korben Dallas X Macha 2024

About the Litter (F4 American Alsatian)

3/17/24 Macha is a great mom. We didn't note this litter earlier, as I didn't see a breeding, so I had thought this one wouldn't happen! Great pups. Very large, beautiful, big heads and giants. Updates on the pups will be made very soon!

What we will get:

Coat color, eyes and ears: Up ears, muddy yellow eyes. Males will have large heads.

Coats: Medium to Long

Weight: 95 - 118 lbs Females, Males up to 145

Height: 28 to 31 inches

Temperaments: Between 8 and 9 Temperament Scores

Price: $3,500 and up.


8/4/2023 Kathy and Tim Sullivan
02/16/24 Starr Lynn & Spencer Jones

Macha's "Moera" Von Korben
For Sale - $5000.00

Sex: Female
Collar Color: None

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Macha's "Monkey" Von Korben
For Sale - $8000.00

Sex: Male
Collar Color: None

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Macha's "Moonpie" Von Korben
For Sale - $4200.00

Sex: Female
Collar Color: None

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Macha's "Munchy" Von Korben
For Sale - $5000.00

Sex: Male
Collar Color: None

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Korben Dallas X Maka Koa 2024

About the Litter (F4 American Alsatian)

4/4/24 Maka is currently in heat and should be accepting soon.