Paix X Napkin's Just Because Von Warleggen

Estimated Birth Date: None

Litter is Unconfirmed

About the Litter (F3/F4 American Alsatian)

11/7/2023 Because we did not get a pregnancy this time, we will wait for her to come back in heat and try again. She will be bred to both Paix and Korbin.

10/14/23 At this time, we cannot confirm pregnancy. We did not see a tie, so we were hoping we just missed it. We will be waiting for her to come into season again and will try again.

Why? Color, color color. We want brindles.

Just Because X Paix: Just because is a Brindle from the Napkin X Warleggen line. She has size, large bones, a wide, strong head and great confirmation. Paix is solid, a bit reserved, confirmationally stout male.

Anticipated pups:

Coat color, eyes and ears: Up ears, yellow eyes and rare black sables, dark silver, dark almost black and brindles.

Coats: Short to medium coats.

Weight: 105 to 145 lbs

Temperaments: There will be a few reserved pups in this litter, but the majority will fill all families looking for large, solid, companion pups.

Price: 1,800 and up Puppy Pricing


8/23/23 Sherry and Brian Gaines
8/24/23 Jennie Mattila


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