Lono X Polly 2024

Estimated Birth Date: Aug. 25, 2024

Litter is Unconfirmed

About the Litter (F4 American Alsatian)

Polly did not get pregnant in December like we had hoped. It was Korbin's first time, so I do not believe he knew what he was doing. We will breed Polly with Lono this time to gain the dark/brindling and dark silver sables that will look like what we believe the Dire Wolf looked like.

Both dogs are compact and thick, large bones, large heads and manes/long coats on their shoulders and down their backs.

What we will get:

Coat color, eyes and ears: Up ears, yellow eyes, a few possible light yellow. Males will have large heads.

Coats: Med and Long

Weight: 95 - 118 lbs, males might get slightly larger.

Height: 26 to 29 inches

Temperaments: Between 8 and 9 Temperament Scores

Price: $2,800 and up. (Dependent on litter size)


4-2-2022 Tyler Bryant
8/24/23 Jennie Matilla


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