Rita's (AKA Scout) "Darcy" Von Stan Lee

For Sale: $1200.00

Registration ID: RS4001-7
Breed: F4 American Alsatian
Birth Date: May 3, 2023
Sex: Female
Collar Color: Black
Sire: Neera's "Stan Lee" Von Tudor
Dam: Chibi's "Rita" Von Pepper AKA Scout
Litter: Stan Lee X Rita 2023


3/18/24 After this girl has puppies, she will be looking for her forever home! If you are interested in a trained female when her puppies are 8 weeks, email me at schwarzdogs@aol.com.

Darcy has picked up on family life easily! She learned how to potty train the first day and is learning how to be on a leash. Darcy is very soft and wants to lay with you and just be a part of your life. She has the energy to run or hike if you want, but not for long periods of time. In other words, she can do a day hike, but would be best for no more than 2 hours.

She doesn't mind cats in the house, other dogs and is pretty chill about all the loud commotion that goes along in our house. She isn't very big, maybe 89 to 94 lbs. Very wolfy looking, but a bit on the smaller side.

8/29/23 this girl would love the attention of a home, children? She would love to camp, hike, even jog. She is still mouthy, but I do believe that is because she would do better in a home environment. She will of course pass on her jeans if she stays because they are great and she has what is needed for the direwolf look, but if she finds her perfect home then I will be very happy for her. She will do best with older children and no first time owners for the Rita pups. Too much energy. :)

7/31/23 Still a very dark pup. Mouthy, but has the genes needed from the chibi line to pull forward. Will get training when things settle down here and more pictures to come soon.

7/11/23 Inside and getting her first crate training lesson and learning how to be a "good girl" inside. She is a soft girl, but sensitive and lacking confidence at this time. Today she has come inside, gotten 12 minutes of lap therapy and now learning that the crate and her chicken/supper is a good thing in the crate. This will and has boosted her confidence tremendously.

Tomorrow, each pup will do the same each day along with a trip in the van around the block to get them used to daily life inside for when they find their forever homes!

7/1/23 Mouthy gal! She likes you to know that she sees you! Temperment of 8. She is too happy and too noisy, BUT, she is a thinker and listens. A bit too reserved around new things as well, but she will grow in confidence with new things that come at her through her young life.

5/18/23 "Darcy" means "dark one" hence her name. Very busy female at this age, often looking for Mom as she is growing quickly.

thin rump, long tail, good width around ears, good coloring for the breed. Dark silver sable with silver up the legs, touch of gold, black mask, black . 9 temperament long coat.

Born 1034 Very large dark female (keeper?)

Interested as adult:

Sarah Elizabeth Moore

Health Record

Heat Cycle: 1/1/24Weight:

5/3/2023 1.19 lbs

5/18/23 3.51 lbs

5/29/23 5.13 lbs

Worming: Nemex II

5/29/23, 6/23/23

Shots: Duramune Max 5

6/14/23, 7/2/23, 7/31/2

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Neera's "Stan Lee" Von Tudor Yukon's Tutchone "Tudor" Von Anna Yukon
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Anastasia's Nano Von Naga "Neera" Ashley's "Naga" von Buck
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Chibi's "Rita" Von Pepper AKA Scout Stella's "Pepper" Logan Von Winston Saigon's Quarter Back von Q "Winston"
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Saigon's Sue "Sukhoi Su" Von Boss Daddy AKA Sue


Grun X Darcy 2024

About the Litter (F4 American Alsatian)

3/22/23 Still very pleased with the pups. Mom (Darcy) has done a wonderful job with them and is becoming a wonderfully sweet and loving house dog!

3/12/24 I am VERY happy how this litter turned out. I knew that the puppies would be great confirmation wise, but I am over the moon pleased with how quiet they are, and the thinkers that I have here. The female is a bit whiney, but it's okay. It is to be expected at this age for them to not quite know their world.

WHY? Darcy X Grun I am breeding these guys because this line has a LONG line of having squirmy/higher energy pups no matter who we seem to breed them too. By doubling up on the genes, I can pull forward the calm and push back the hyper.

What we will get:

Coat color, eyes and ears: Up ears, yellow eyes and dark to light sable coats with rough manes and soft undercoats.

Coats: Short and Medium

Weight: 95 - 108 for females; 102 to 124 for males

Height: 27 to 29 inches

Temperaments: Between 8 and 9 Temperament Scores

Price: $2,400 and up.


8/4/2023 Kathy and Tim Sullivan
8/24/2023 Jennie Mattila
02/16/24 Starr Lynn & Spencer Jones

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